New Fundamentals Course March 17!

Meditate Without Meditating

Mindfulness Meditation in everyday life

From Theravada Buddhism

Thursday  Evenings 6:30 – 8:00 PM

10 weeks starting March 17th

With Dr. Thynn Thynn, a Burmese-American teacher trained by the best Masters in the Zen-like techniques unique to the Burmese tradition. 

Learn how to be mindful in the midst of everyday chaos and discover how to find balance and equanimity in your life.

Classes by donation (suggested donation $10-20)  

For more information or to register to attend in person or online:

Burma Disaster Alert!

Dear All,

Currently Burma my homeland is facing a flooding disaster that involves about half a million acres and 13 states out of 14. The devasting disaster is the most extensive of its kind for Burma. Many have drowned and hundreds of thousands homeless. Roads and bridges are destroyed many villages are inaccessible and one in the North East has completely disappeared.


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