Dana for Burma

Emergency Food Appeal
For Myanmar’s Youth Democracy Freedom-Fighters

The People of Myanmar have been fighting alone since the February Military Coup when the Junta took the Country by Force and Fire power. 

Killing over 800 innocent civilians so far.

Though it looks to be a long, drawn out, lonely struggle within the Country ….  

It doesn’t have to be that WAY! 

We in Western Countries can support the struggles of Myanmar by giving your Financial Support

Your Donation goes directly to Help Feed the Youth Fighters – In the Jungles. 

  • There are about 100,000 Brave Young Burmese Youth who are now being trained by Ethnic Minority Rebels in the Jungles. 
  • Without International Aid from Countries – The Freedom Fighters are Hungry.
  • They need Food and Energy to Nourish their Bodies to be able to Fight Back.   

Who are these 100,000 over Youth Fighters? 

  • These are Young Brave people of Myanmar who refuse to let their Country spiral back to the Dark Ages of Fear & Oppression of the Military Dictatorship
  • The Young people never learnt to fight, let alone live in the Jungle.
  • Today – They are fighting to Protect urban cities and towns. It is in the Cities and Urban areas where the Military Army are mercilessly killing civilians. 

How Far does your Donation Go? 

  • $10 USD = 15,000 Kyats which feeds 10 Youth for 3 meals for 1 day.