Winter Newsletter

One whole year is almost over. It has been a very busy year for me as the building of our great shrine American Shwedagon has passed the critical mark of completing the foundation, the platform or Yin Pyin. Then it was followed by the First Enshrinement Ceremony on Oct 12.

Photos will show the excitement of our Burmese donors and volunteers who made the event tick! Altogether about 400 Buddha statues were enshrined in the Enshrinement Well.

The top structure of the Stupa will be built in Burma beginning next month and shipped to US. The structure will be totally made of stainless steel and the outer Stupa Robe will be made of guided stainless steel encasement.

The purpose of building stupas is to create a high energy vortex to heal the land and individuals not just for gaining merit.

Profound gratitude to our Burmese Committee members without whose incredible work to raise funds and create events for the Center the American Shwedagon would never have gotten off the ground.

The August Three Day Intensive of On the Cushion-Off the Cushion Retreat for a small group of American and BURMESE meditators was very successful. It was the first time some Burmese friends attended the combined retreat.

We designed it so that it simulate how meditators usually meditate in daily life that is one hour sitting session in the morning. Plus one hour in the evening. The rest of the day they are taught how to bring mindfulness from the sitting into daily life. This is going to be our model we will use from now on for students as well as teachers in training.

Deep gratitude goes to our benefactors who donated to keep the Center running. Special mention and appreciation to Mark MaCauliffe for donating his time and expertise in rede-signing the front space and sides of the house to prevent further damage to the foundation of the Dhamma House.
Also to Jim Morris from Nevada City in the design of diverting rain water away from the house.

As we give our thanks to donors I hope old and new donors will be energised to continue supporting the Center in Dana. We badly need operational funds in the vicinity of $1,500 a month to run the Center. Hence I would like to set up an account to which our support-ers can donate any amount big or small via your bank’s automatic monthly transfer to the Center’s Umqua Bank in Sebastopol. One of my young students has been donating $15 a month for about 4 yrs now continuously. Another student has been donating $50 monthly for over two yrs now.

We are grateful to accept yearly or biannual lump sum donations too.
Interested donors please email or text me via 707 293 4535 or email I will then send our bank account number to you to set up auto-matic transfer on monthly basis. This will be the lifeline for the Center to keep the teach-ings to go on and continue our teacher training which virtually stopped when I got very sick in 2012.

Those who would like to use PayPal to donate can go on our website to do so. The address to send checks is also on our website.

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu
May you be well may you be happy.
Thynn Thynn