The Community

Sae Taw Win II represents a broad group of people, young and old, rich and poor. Two unifying themes are the shared appreciation for classical Burmese-Theravada Buddhism (with a particular emphasis on mindfulness in daily life), and Dhamma Teacher Dr. Thynn Thynn, who is the spiritual leader of the community.
Followers of this path strive to acheive a perfect state of calm, inward peace and liberation, insight into truth, the joy of oneness with reality, and love toward all creatures in the universe.
An important part of our community are the yogis and teachers as they form the spiritual core of the community. The great advantage of establishing  the Burmese yogi tradition is that it avoids the rigidity of Theravada monasticism, yet fosters personal commitment to the Dhamma, practice, study and to uphold the tradition. It also avoids the gender issues and prejudices that are a major stumbling block for women in Theravada Buddhist tradition.
You are invited to visit our Dhamma Center or come to learn more about the community and Theravada Buddhism.