How the Courses are Designed

Courses are designed to help participants establish mindfulness (Insight Meditation) in daily life using different mental disciplines in stages.

Students meet once a week beginning with Course 1 and proceed through the courses sequentially, each course builds on the previous course.

Classes meet weekday evenings.

Although no one is turned away for lack of funds, a weekly pledge of $10-15 is greatly appreciated by those choosing to attend one of our course series. We keep a dana bowl by the door entrance allowing people to donate anonymously or by name for tax deductions.

The goal of the courses is to provide hands-on training in daily life based mindfulness practice with a well-rounded education in the fundamentals of Buddhism.

Abhidhamma teachings (Buddhist Psychology and Philosophy) are included wherever possible even during the first course to help students understand their own mind and their own predicaments in life and how mindfulness can bring peace and stability of mind as well as developing experiential insights.

In short it is to help the student to develop a spiritual practice not outside of life but in life itself.

A half-hour lecture on the fundamentals of Buddhism and meditation will be held at the beginning of each session.

Course 1
Cultivation of Mindfulness – 12 weeks

This course provides the fundamental teachings of Buddhism from the Four Noble Truths and the Four Foundations of Mindfulness together with hands-on training in basic Daily Life Mindfulness Practices.

  1. to practice to be in the moment
  2. to practice to be mindful of peaceful states in the mind
  3. to practice transcending likes and dislikes
  4. to practice transcending judgements
  5. to practice transcending clinging

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Course 2
Threefold Mindfulness Training (The Eightfold Path) – 8 weeks

This course focuses on how to bring the fundamental practices into daily life
using the Noble Eightfold Path as a working model.

  1. Mindfulness of Cause & Effect
  2. Mindfulness of the 6 Roots
  3. Mindfulness of Right Communication
  4. Right Conduct & Livelihood
  5. Middle Way of Practice
  6. Staying in the Moment
  7. Mindfulness and Clear Comprehension
  8. Reflection on 8-fold Path

Course 3
Bringing Harmony to Conflict Using the Eightfold Path – 6 weeks

This course is designed to intensify the student’s practice in applying
the Noble Eightfold Path in conflict situations in order to purify their mind and create harmony.

This challenges the student to develop momentary samadhi (khanika samadhi) in the moment and strengthen their mindfulness to develop equanimity (Upekkha)
and experiential insight (Bhavanamaya Nana).

Course 4
The Five Aggregates;
The Five Khandas in Daily Life Mindfulness Practice – 3 weeks

This course helps the student to look into the five aggregates as operating in one’s life instead of allowing the self to dominate one’s own being.

Course 5
Abhidhamma; Buddhist Psychology in Daily Life – 10 weeks

This course covers the fundamental concepts of Abhidhamma as applied to daily life experiences and how to transcend the habitual Kamma (Asinnaka Kamma) and ego-centric unwholesome tendencies to bring peace and harmony with oneself and others while at the same time allowing insight and the Four Brahma Viharas ( loving kindness, compassion, equanimity and joy) to unfold.

Course 6
The Seven Factors of Enlightenment

Course 7
The Requisites of Enlightenment

Course 8
Sutta Studies (The Written Teachings of the Buddha) – Ongoing

This course is designed to challenge the students to question and look at their life experiences through the Sutta teachings as well as Abhidhamma, and through their own progress of mindfulness practice.

In addition to the above series of classes, Sae Taw Win II offers intensive workshops for Beginning, Intermediate and Senior students to help them deepen their practice.