Class Summary

Detail of Weekly Mindfulness Class Series

The Journey

Insight meditation has a definite path and goal. The goal is release from real suffering, as opposed to providing feel-good experiences. Therefore, the inner work is arduous and requires discipline, perseverance, and commitment.
Classes are kept small to enable teachers to give full and undivided attention to the students for each two-hour session. After the course, participants can continue studying in classes with students who have practiced for a longer period of time. Some classes have been continuing for three years or more so that students get deeper understanding and practice.
This practice is meant to achieve inner freedom and real transformation. It takes time to achieve that goal; no instant freedom or short cut exists. The path is long and arduous, but when students persevere at all costs, rewards are real and lasting.
It takes at least 3 months to establish the skill of mindfulness in daily life. Therefore, it is highly recommended that students attend as many sessions as possible. Missed sessions can be listened to as a download from our website and the exercises, if any, can be done at home.
Links to the recordings will be sent to the members of the class as they are uploaded. Recordings of classes are generally not made available to the public.

Nature of Group Sessions

The group sessions are practice-oriented sessions. Theoretical background in Buddhism is provided so students are aware where the practice is coming from; it is not intended to indoctrinate students into the Buddhist religion.

Reporting Format

The format consists of each student taking a turn to report on their practice. Students are advised to talk only about their practice, without the story-line or drama in their lives.
Without this format, the group sessions tend to turn into support or therapy group. The teachers may interrupt the students to help guide them in keeping to the facts. The students are asked to not take this personally.

Practice Assignments

Each week, students will be assigned a specific practice theme to practice at home. At the next class, each student will report his/her practice experience. Teachers will guide, discuss, or explain if students are having difficulties with their practice.