Living Meditation, Living Insight

Dr. Thynn Thynn

Dr. Thynn’s book Living Meditation, Living Insight speaks most eloquently on how the path of mindfulness may be available to householders with full responsibilities of jobs and families. The most precious commodity in our busy daily life is time, and the complexities of life are so demanding that to find a sense of balance and sanity seems to be a pressing issue. Dr. Thynn’s focus is on gaining this balance through spiritual insight by keeping mindfulness alive in the midst of our busy daily lives.

Meditate without Meditating

Dr. Thynn Thynn

This book is a manual that will guide the meditator throughout their day regardless of where they are and what they are doing. This is one of the few books that will help the meditator integrate their mindfulness practice and all their experiences in life by developing equanimity and balance. It is in fact a way to find one’s central core from which one can relate to the world at large.