The Teachings

Living Meditation, Living Insight
The Path of Mindfulness in Daily Life
by Dr Thynn Thynn

Excerpt From Chapter
“Silent Mind”

Student: I still don’t understand how we can make the mind silent.

Dr. Thynn: Actually, you cannot make the mind silent. The more you try to silence the mind purposefully, the more you tie yourself up in knots… You see, a mind that is already unquiet cannot deal with a nonquiet mind. This vicious cycle perpetuates a continuous state of frenzy.

Student: What do you mean by silent mind? If there is no action in the mind, aren’t we paralyzed? How can we function?

Dr. Thynn: A silent mind is not a dead or static mind. A mind is dead or static when it is dulled with ignorance of oneself. In Buddhism, this ignorance is called avijja…. This is a true paralysis of the mind, which renders one unable to open to others. A truly silent mind, on the other hand, is alert and sensitive to its surrroundings.

“Daily Life Mindfulness” by Dr. Thynn Thynn

A speech given by Dr. Thynn at Spirit Rock Meditation Center on Monday, April 27th, 2009.