Dana (Giving)

Dana (pronounced “dah-na”)
is a Pali word for Giving/Generosity

Sae Taw Win II Dhamma Foundation has operated on this 2500 year old Buddhist tradition since its inception. Classes have been offered for free and the teachers offer their time in service to the Dhamma.

STW II relies on this spirit of generosity to maintain the programs offered and to support the administration of the center.

In the Buddhist tradition the act of giving is an opportunity to cultivate the ability to “let go.”

We appreciate all who extend monthly pledges and generous donations in support to the flourishing of STWII’s commitment of spreading the dhamma.

Although no one is turned away for lack of funds a pledge of $10-20 per class is greatly appreciated by those choosing to attend one of our course series. We keep a dana bowl by the door entrance allowing people to anonymously donate.

Dana in the form of volunteering skills to Sae Taw Win II community is also welcome. Please inquire with the office if interested.

With Metta